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How do i play a movie from my ps3 when the movie is on usb jump drive plugged into my ps3?



1. I formatted my jump drive to fat32.

2. I copied the movie “men at work” from my macbook to the jump drive

3. i plugged the drive into the usb port on the front of my PS3

4. When i select movies on the PS3 Main Menu screen and then Select USB, the playstation says that there is no data on the card.

Is there a reason that this is not working? Do i have to change the format of the video so that it will be compatible with the video player on my PS3? Or is it just impossible to watch a movie from a jump drive that is plugged into the PS3?

Please let me know what, if anything, Im doing wrong. I would really rather watch the movie on my ps3 and plasma tv instead of watching the movie on a macbook that has a tiny screen.

Thanks, Chef Luis Pernia

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  1. create a folder Called “PS3″(main menu of the drive) and under “PS3” Folder create a folder called “VIDEO” and copy the movie on the folder.

    or go to videos on your ps3 and press triangle and select view all folders and u should see all the folders on that drive and just find the movie and it should play.

  2. Yea! an easy one. Go to the USB on the PS3 and click triangle. Then click display all. This should let your video pop up. Note: If it says unsupported format do not panic. Download the program WM Converter 3.0 and convert it to a format that does. Also you can create folders on the flash drive. Make one folder VIDEO all caps and place it in that, and if that doesnt work make a folder called PS3 and inside that folder make a VIDEO folder and put it in that. All three of these steps have worked for me.

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