Grid Autosport – Review

Grid Autosport – Review


Grid Autosport - Review


  1. what the hell is a Yute or whatever he says at 4:22 ?

    "At the very least… maybe it will finally teach the rest of the world what a yute is…"

  2. The Grid and the grid autosport are perfect for me. ARcade and Simulation mixed. I can not wait about codemasters next gen title.

  3. I got this game a couple of months ago and I've been playing the GRID series since the first one came out…and I have to say, I really enjoy this game. The engine sounds are really good, it has a nice gameplay and overall I just really like playing this. Not my favorite game, but one of them. So if you like to play racing games, I would consider buying this.

  4. Rather bafflingly, there is no time trial option on this game. As far as racing games go – that's half the game.

  5. Grid 1 caused my cousin to have slight seizure attacks from the camera shake. Hope they've eliminated that.

  6. Too bad the Gran Turismo series isn't on PC. The feeling of going from buying shitty used cars and making them faster to buying that car you've always wanted is fantastic.

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