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Dragon Ball Xenoverse – Review (PS4)


My Review/Final thoughts on Dragon Ball Xenoverse!

Dragon Ball Xenoverse - Review (PS4)


  1. 2:102:14 I know exactly how you feel about that one i have the same problems for the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Franchise, so i sometimes play in japanese as well.

  2. Dude make a review of xenoverse 2 and it's totally better than xenoverse. I hate the time limiter but in xenoverse 2 online battles you can select how much time you need. I also really hate the roster missing important characters. It's fixed in two but still missing some characters. Out of a rating for XV1: 6.5/10. For XV2: 8/10. Btw who's commenting 2017 XV is nealy two years old.

  3. Dude your animal analogy should be heard by every gamer in the world ever.

    Actually anyone that likes any art form.
    So basically everyone.

  4. Definitely subscribing to your channel! you make so much sense in your vids and I agree with you homie you cannot compare this to previous dB's which focus on fighting! anyway, keep it up bruhh!

  5. you're right about everything but what got me was the fighting part this game looks like dragonball z battle of z but just updated i don't have a ps4 but only a ps3 an i perfer the normal fighting dragon ball z fighting games instead of ones like this

  6. I don't agree with some of your points (Played on PS4 as well.). A game being an RPG does not exclude it from falling into other brackets such as action or shooting.
    RPGs by your description are pretty much games with in-depth character customization,
    as well as in game currency (Which I recall some previous Dragon Ball games which can definitely be classified as fighters having).
    A game can have these elements and still be a fighter. Whether or not you believe it does well as a fighter is irrelevant.
    I also feel that you're exaggerating a bit on some of the cons you listed, as I can't personally say that I've encountered them as often as you apparently have, and or they're not relevant to me (Such as limited 2 player support or the enemies simply turning purple after they're defeated.)

    PS: If memory serves, the Majin Buu mission didn't require that a certain number of Buus be killed, but rather required that they be held off for a certain amount of time.

  7. Wish I had watched this video before I bought DB Xenoverse. I definitely dislike the new style they used for this game. It's inventive if nothing else, but it doesn't feel like the kind of fighting game I expect a DBZ game to be and want to be.

    The parallel quests are beyond annoying to me, mainly because I like fighting solo. So when I'm fighting the same characters multiple times it pisses me off, even more so when they start ganging up on me. The counter system just doesn't feel right to me, like I l have to hit and hope and pray I teleport when I tap X on my controller

    Xenoverse is a good game but it's definitely not for me.

  8. is the ai still stupid in recent patches? the dbz games always made me rage. last i played was budokai on ps2 sadly.

  9. that mission where i was ginyu and i had to protect gohan and krillin was a nightmare

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