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do i need a hard dirve for my 4gb xbox 360 please answer?


Ok so I have a 4gb xbox 360 slim and I want to know what games require hard drives to play and will I be fine with a 4th xbox 360 just for game saves I am going to get 15-20 games will I be fine all I’m Doing is playing from the disk and saving game progress

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  1. It’s probably best to have a bigger drive. You can find 250 gig drives for the Slim as low as 40 bucks on Amazon.com currently, and then you’re set for the long run.

    Most games require space for your save files and sometimes extra data files. Anything you get from Xbox Live Arcade, etc. will take up space. If you have or are planning to get a game like Rock Band 3, you’ll need hard drive space for any songs you purchase and download.

    You’ll probably use up 4 gigs fast, especially since some of that space is taken up by system files. I have the old Elite model that originally came with a 10 gigger and upgraded to the 250 and was very happy with the purchase.

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