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Difference between XBOX 360 – 4GB and 250GB?


I want to know what is d dfference between XBOX 360 – 4GB and 250GB? I know Hard Dsik difference. is there any difference like regarding Graphics or any thing?

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  1. The two consoles should be the identical, except for the storage space you already mentioned on the hard drive. All Xbox’s come with the same graphic and other hardware. The only thing to look out for is the hard drive space and whether or not the console comes with a Kinect sensor, otherwise they will be the same.

  2. There’s nothing different but the the way it looks the xbox 360 4GB is matte black, and the xbox 360 250GB is glossy black

  3. The only diffrence is the holding space. A 250gb can hold more than a 4gb but don’t we all know that.

  4. not at all. the only difference is the storage space and you can buy hard drives from your local game store.

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