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Destiny 2 | Release Date, Beta + PS4 Exclusive Content Leaked! (This is NOT a drill!)


Destiny 2 – We all knew this day would come, but I honestly didn’t think it would be this soon! Holy shit, it’s really happening!!!

Check out this week’s videos:

State of the Game Highlights:

Mass Effect Andromeda Impressions In Response to Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Mass Effect Andromeda Complete Character Customisation

Marco, Arekkz, Breezy and I discuss Year 2 of The Division:

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Destiny 2 | Release Date, Beta + PS4 Exclusive Content Leaked! (This is NOT a drill!)

DESTINY 2 Trailer (2017) PS4 / Xbox One


  1. There is only so much hype that a single comment can contain. Help out this poor comment by dropping the video a like if you are hyped for Destiny 2 🙂

    P.S My body is ready.

  2. after I heard that none of the gear will be carried over I played the game for just 2 days and put my control down and stopped playing this over expensive demo

  3. The game look interesting and boring all at the same time, while it will be fun and challenging to play, I don't see myself putting the hours to do so. A good review any how, I don't think that you are capable of a bad one.

  4. I remember a long time ago my brother got destiny 1 and I had no clue what it was. so I played it and i LOVED IT! and to this day I still play destiny on my PS3

  5. Hey Skill up. Been watching you since your early days of Division. Glad to see you coming to Destiny. I can tell destiny will fit you well as you didnt like the controller from a previous video. Now that its coming to PC I cant wait to see your videos and gun analysts. Keep up the good work Skill Up.

  6. I can indeed confirm that it will come to pc, i got a mail from NVIDIA that stated" Destiny 2 is Here. Get Game Ready!"AND " DESTINY 2 COMING TO PC!
    From the makers of the acclaimed hit game Destiny, comes the much-anticipated sequel. Get Game Ready with GeForce GTX 10-series graphics cards and experience an epic journey across the solar system."

  7. I only played Destiny for a little while (before all the DLC) but I loved it so I'm getting this.

  8. Shitavisions getting that long Wang ready for all you kitties. Lube up your bungholes. Micro transactions, overpriced dlc and half a game for your enjoyment.

  9. Yeah, it's going to come on PC and Destiny is going to run rampant with cheaters/hackers. The Division has seen this happen & it's does not look good. Hopefully, Bungie has a good control over these aspects.

  10. If they make 3rd person single player game with this guy as protagonist and in this setting with this graphics it would be the best game ever

  11. All I can say is save all the fancy reveals until the loot/gear system is actually shown in game to show what we are dealing with. I keep thinking they are going to double if not triple up on the grinding because of how egregious it was in destiny 1 to get stuff at launch. would not surprise me one bit if they double up on the amount of items you have to get for your "light level" or whatever that system will be aka instead of 4-5 gear items armor, you'll have to get 10-12.

  12. jajajajajajajaja pero si el primero fue un puto FRACASO ¿¿Como se les ocurre sacar una secuela exactamente igual que el primero pero con un 2 detrás???

  13. Is it just me or this guy talking reminds of Woody Harrelson's Merritt character from "Now you see me"?

  14. Can we be sure this isn't DLC from the first game they cancelled and turned into an entire second game…

  15. Activision say they will support Destiny 1 for 10 years what happened now to them to change their minds

  16. why didnt you upload this 10 hours ago. i thought this was the full trailer but nope same one.

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