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co-op games for ps3 easy points?


just name some good co-op games who ever names the most gets best answer.
oh and I sold black ops don’t want to be negative but less than 3 games is a thumbs down soz
Update 2:
i mean like co-op campaign or co-op online thanks tho

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  1. Army of two

    Kane and Lynch


    killzone 3

    Really i got this list from the gamescales co-op reviews, just check it out for yourself [url is not allowed].

  2. my list isn’t going to be super long but it isn’t going to suck.

    Borderlands (fun open world Co-Op)

    Portal 2 (a lot of fun)

    Army of two 40th day (unlike most co-op shooters it requires players to actually cooperate)

    Black Ops online 🙂

    oh and don’t get Resident evil 5. you will kill yourself.

  3. omg all i do is play co-op with my twin here some great ones:

    Modern warfare 2

    black ops

    sonic the hedgehog

    (this one really hard) red alert

    baja 300


    naruto: ulitimate ninja

    (this one is tottlay beast if you know how to plaay with is hthe one hard thing about it ^_^) dragon ball z raging blast 1 and 2

    monoply really (easy points gay game though)

    thats all i can remeber ill have to check my games for more brb with rest.

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