Home Playstation Games Citizens of Earth (PS4/PC/WiiU/3DS/Vita) – First 15 Minutes! (Gameplay Commentary)

Citizens of Earth (PS4/PC/WiiU/3DS/Vita) – First 15 Minutes! (Gameplay Commentary)


Citizens of Earth (PS4/PC/WiiU/3DS/Vita) - First 15 Minutes! (Gameplay Commentary)


  1. Did nobody else notice that the very beginning of this game is exactly like Chrono Trigger's beginning?

  2. I put18 hours into this great game, i load it up today and my save data is gone, not happy. Not re-playing

  3. my main question is, whats the party size, if its like south park(2), it wont be able to really go heavy on the strategy part and the game will probably be to easy, and since we have to catch them all, it need to be a large party, or else, people will be using only their main ones…

  4.  The game encourages the use of all the characters due to the fact that many of their talents can be levelled-up, which opens many more possibilities. 

  5. It's definitely an Earthbound homage and if you haven't played EB then thumbs down for you.

  6. I played the demo of this game it's awesome!!! My only complaint is the battle, I personally didn't like Earthbound battle

  7. This game looks great, I can't wait to get my hands on it tonight and review it.  I loved the SNES RPGs, especially Earthbound

  8. This game reminds me of Earthbound/Mother, very nostalgic, I want it! My only issue is if it will come to my PSN region of R3 – Singapore/Hong Kong/Malaysia/Asia. We're always missing out on games it's even worst if he game is indie or niche we can forget about it ever coming to out region.

    Anyone knows if this will be US exclusive or a worldwide release?

  9. This is waaaay more like Earthbound than anything else.  Looks like a really fun game!

  10. how did you got the game?
    are you also a beta tester?
    the game is really awesome, its kinda based of earthbound in the combat mechanics

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