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CGRundertow PRINCE OF PERSIA: THE SANDS OF TIME HD for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review


CGRundertow PRINCE OF PERSIA: THE SANDS OF TIME HD for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review

Prince of Persia Trilogy HD Video Review


  1. In the Prince of Persia (2008) review, this same reviewer said the trilogy sold like hotcakes. Then in this review he said the games sold poorly…opps. 

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  4. Repetitive combat.Camera frustration.Repetitive Puzzles.Some irresponsible actions per button things.

  5. To all the people bitching its not hd.. Hd isnt defined bybthe quality of textures or the AA. Its based on the resolution.

  6. Played the hell out of these game when they was first released the second one is the best with the battle against the dahaka at the end I would say that that's the seconds one true ending

  7. I played sands of time back in the day and didn't like it, but since all three are bundled together I guess I'll give it another go since I'm older. Looks similar and epic like God of war.

  8. I wish video game reviewers would stop with the overuse of the term " titular " EVERY… DAMNED … TIME !!! they do a review. It's annoying. Read a review … there's that term. Read another review … there it is again. Read yet another review … and there it is yet again. Just, stupid.

  9. Whoever is looking at this review now wondering if it's still worth to get. 100% buy it. If you like action-adventure games. Buy it. If you were an old fan but haven't played since the PS2 era. Buy it. Played all three games back to back recently and I can honestly say it was so much fun. More fun than I had with any of the new titles that released this year. From the story to the characters, level design, music, scenery, combat and more. Playing these games again reminded me why I loved these classics back then because they're just that. Classics. Do yourself a favor and get this trilogy. I promise you won't be sorry. 🙂

  10. I remember Dahakkah being scary as hell. Well the whole game of Warrior Within is scary…
    But still… the story was amazing. I loved the new addition Kalisa. Shame she BLEEP in the 3rd

  11. Honestly I played the original trilogy and it looks smoother and better than the PS3 remakes. I ran into so many glitches on the PS3 version and the graphics on it looks more rough, with the lightning being a bit of an issue. Game controls the same as the originals and I do like the trophy system. But the fact that the graphics & glitches could cause problems and could ruin the gameplay and/or experience of it. Honestly if you should, try getting a PS2 and get the originals. I don't know if it was luck or not but I rarely to never encounter glitches or graphic issues in the originals.

  12. You said the soundtrack is the same but not really, i didn´t hear the straight outta line godsmack song on the HD version, something that made me quite sad since that song was one of the reasons i felt so hooked to the original version.

  13. this Review is so garbage. He doesnt even mention one single bug or glitch. Also the grafical differences (no Tattoos on the Prince in TTT!?). Fail

  14. Such nice games! My favorite is the second one, because the level design is so awesome. But I never finished the first (yet). The story of WW is good, there is a nice plot twist that was unexpected and made it above average. Didn't like this review, though. It lacked mentions to the differences between each game. And they are so different that each one is worthy, unlike other series where you just pick the last, more advance one. The second one has the Dahaka chases, time travel portals and an insane battle system. The third one has the dark prince, stealth kills and chariot chases. The first one I can't really comment.

  15. WTF IGN PoP games had the best original story back in the days!Warrior Within doesn't have a complex story, are you drunk lol! It should definitely get 9 with only con the switching but you've just said it's not a big deal.I never waited to hear someone say on a PoP game that the story is bad!

  16. IGN reviews allways were boring and unhuman. i mean, what a lack of emotions and actual person behing the whole video.

  17. inconsistent… this is the best story for game ever done the movie could not reproduce 10th part of it.
    do you even played this games?

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