Home Playstation Forum Can you play guild wars on ps3 with linux?

Can you play guild wars on ps3 with linux?


i want to know if u can or not b4 i even bother installing linux on my ps3

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  1. No.

    The reason why is it uses direct video acceleration. Even though it only requires ATI radeon 8500 32mb card or better, and the PS3’s RSX is far better than that, the RSX is locked by the hypervisor from the linux OS and that’s that.

    It also requires too much system RAM. OtherOS only gets about 212mb of system RAM because the graphical ram is locked, and the hypervisor is still active and takes up a portion of the remaining 256mb of system ram.

    Ps3 applications don’t need a lot of system ram because they’re designed to take advantage of its 3.2ghz memory speed. It’s fast xddram. But pc applications like guild wars aren’t designed to do that. Almost all of them are designed to use slow memory and lots of it.

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