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BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Review


BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Review


  1. I don't get it. I want to know whether I should buy the Calamity Trigger and play it before this. Does the story line in continuum shift come after the Calamity Trigger, or is it the same story? Because I want so save some money, and if the story in Continuum shift is different, and it comes after the events in the Calamity trigger, I don't want to be confused or get the story spoiled.

    Let me put it this way, if Calamity Trigger was an anime and it was season 1, would this be season 2, or would this be a reboot of season 1?

  2. This game isn't a button masher like street fighter. Which is why gg and bb are my top 2D fighters

  3. the english dub on this series is actually pretty good, ragna has the same voice of spike spiegel and mugen from samurai champloo

  4. "Next to impossible to get sprites to animate as smoothly as 3d models"
    One word: Skullgirls

  5. Can someone help me out here. I want to buy BlazBlue Continous Shift Extend but I want to know whats the difference between it, against Continous Shift 1 and 2. I keep hearing 1 being an update to another but everytime I check the internet, I don't get a straight answer about this. Also, should I consider buying the other two along with Continouse shift extend? Answers are much appreciated.

  6. can someone explain this plot line for blazblue im getting confused to alot of it. And i mean all of it dont leave anything out.

  7. Legion needs work? The Hell is he talking about? It's one of the most entertaining things in Blazblue and there are no problems with it what so ever.

  8. Usualy the "Higher" the version of the game the better.
    Well because the characters gets more balanced and refined as it moves on to the new versions. (also there are addictions to the game on each new version, includign new characters and game mods)

  9. Oh, and Continuum Shift Extend is the definitive Continuum Shift experience. It comes with all vanilla CS's dlc, and it adds Relius Clover, Carl's father, as an exclusive character to toy around with. If you're have not bought any Continuum Shift, buy Extend. I have both Calamity Trigger and Continuum Shift Extened for PlayStation 3, and I can't wait for Chronophantasma!

  10. Calamity Trigger is part one and Continuum Shift is part two. I wouldn't say each is better than the other, but Continuum Shift has a few gameplay refinements. Chronophantasma, yet to be released, will be the third entry in the series, and for now it is set to be a PS3 exclusive.

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