Home Xbox Forum Best headset and mic for xbox 360 under £30?

Best headset and mic for xbox 360 under £30?


And the mic has to be on the right hand side hate having it on the left side

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  1. Turtle beach XLC £15 at asda

    [url is not allowed]

    the mic bit can just be filliped over so its on your right.

    also tesco do them for a similar price

  2. This one is the best headset for u.

    Yapster TM-YB100A Universal Gaming Headsets (Black)

    Technical Details

    Color: Black

    * Yapster features a very comfortable over the ear design with a padded headband that will provide hours of enjoyment

    * The drop down boom microphone on Yapster makes it easy to use and position when communicating with others or quickly swung up

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