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Bass Pro Shops: The Strike Gameplay


This video details some of the gameplay features included in The Strike. Check it out. The game seems to be looking better and better and should be a fun one for virtual anglers everywhere.

Bass Pro Shops: The Strike Gameplay


  1. Ah after working in the testing team for this thing for over a month a feel oddly nostalgic looking at this game play footage. This thing was a mess in development and still looks rather…. iffy by the end. Best part for me, that they never fixed the animation for the catch where the character nonchalantly tosses the rod overboard, every time.

  2. how do u set the hook if ur not playing with the fishing rod just a regular game controller

  3. This game looks like shit, can someone make a game more like Bass tournament USA?? SNES!!!

  4. сам ты хрень.Если не нравится просто напиши "Это не моё".

  5. @zziNsanityz dude i got all that stuff at an Ace store and i caught a almost 50 pounder, so your wasting money bro

  6. @desob92 haha me and my grandpa fish together the boat alone is 40,000$ and all the gear in it is another 10,000$ a pole for a bass fisherman is around 300$ and a real about the same so ya… and you cant fish when you need to get up and go to work in the morning whyd you watch this when you obviously know nothing about fishing?

  7. @desob92

    Going fishing cost a lot more money than this game. You want me to do the math for you?

  8. @XXLGamingVideos because when u get shot in Call of Duty u dont actually die like in the military retard

  9. @XXLGamingVideos i agree i rented rapala once i think i played it for 5 min and broke it in half and payed blockbuster the extra 5 bucks

  10. i got this game and wow what a big wast of time, with barley any options, and why the hell are there birds chirping right beside me when iam running in my boat at 50 mph

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