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Apache Air Assault Review


Apache Air Assault Review
**This title was provided to me free of charge from the publisher to review for you.

Developer: Gaijin Entertainment
Publisher: Activision
Platform: Xbox 360, PS3
Price: .99
Release Date: November 16, 2010

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Apache Air Assault Review

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  1. Not fun you say? the fucks wrong with you? Im so glade i found out about this game, im having a blast playng it

  2. I have this game and have been playing it since it came out years ago. 7 years later I still play this game. If anyone is looking for a good combat helicopter game this is it. This guy cannot play the game. He obviously did not put the time in to learn how to fly. There is an arcade mode to learn the basics before jumping into realistic mode. If you have played GTA V you are familiar with the controls. The controls are more evolved, but similar to GTA V. Great game.

  3. also +ZGR you have to lower your sensitivity that you are comfy with so you can do things like landing easier.

  4. ZGR the point you can't fly is because your putting you difficulty on veteran which makes you have a hard time flying.

  5. i gotta agree with you. im playing it right now and decided to check out what other people are saying. it can be fun but mostly frustrating. i LOVE apache choppers and wish there was a better game out there based on them. this game could be so good but its not.

  6. I OWN AT THIS GAME. No joke. Reached #1 in the world for flawless missions on the 360 and PC. Lost my rank on 360 because I was not credited for some missions. No #2- BC Dank- look it up. As for the PC the online system is broken and I can't check it.
    As far as this reviewer goes: he's a moron. For one: the game has to be played in cockpit view. 2- for whatever reason the training difficulty is MORE difficult flying wise than the other ones due to its restrictiveness.
    Overall: this game takes skill to play. It's not dumbed down pick up and play type game. You have to invest time to get good enough to.even play the simple missions, let alone the later ones.
    I really wish more people had an interest in attack helicopter sims so more games like this would come out. I absolutely loved this game and how challenging it was. I wish there were more like it. Definitely in my top five of all time.

  7. Apparently this game was reviewed by a Pro Call of Duty Black Ops Commando, who can't operate a chopper. -_-

  8. "….but I don't read!" Perhaps he should learn how to read. A simulator is not, repeat: NOT, an arcade game. This game takes time. You have to learn how to control the beast, then plan your attack, then execute that attack and do what this bird does in real life: go low, go fast. Hide and then pop up like a bat out of hell and shoot. And hide again. If you review a game while you do not have any idea about simulation, let alone helicopter simulation (twice as hard) DON'T review it. It is simple. I like your other reviews timeghost (Zeitgeist), but you sorta lost the plot with this one…..

  9. People like this guy are the exact reason there are hardly any and almost no flight simulators on consoles. 

    Thumbs up if u cry evrytime

  10. Oh boo hoo helicopters are hard to fly guess what they are! and another thing gaijin made this game before war thunder and Activision only did the guns and hit boxes war thunder made the flight model so stop bitchin to your Activision company and start learning how to fly like I did in 3 days.

  11. This is guy is just saying pure lies I'm ok with aliens cm and this guy doesn't deserve to review this game

  12. I'm onto good at cod but I'm good at planes and this guy even take off and that's why there is a tutorial and why this is made by gaijin the one who made war thunder every game they make us suppose to be good and it is

  13. You suck I could fly this better on realistic controls it's easy, this game deserves more than what you give it, controls were fine gives you the feel of flying a real apache you just suck stick to playing one button mashing arcade games

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