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A question about Xbox 360 black ops?


I’m sure I will just sound completely idiotic but here we go.

Last week I played black ops for my first time and fell in love. I really want to start playing it but my friends told me I need a lot of things. If someone could tell me a lot of the things I NEED to have in order to play that’d be awesome. Oh and I have an Xbox. Please no rude responses.

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  1. You need a controller, a TV, a headset (To speak) and that’s it, its not even complicated!

  2. um:

    an xbox, controller, xbox live, the game. Thats all you need. Btw, if you liked black ops, you should buy Black Ops 2 when it comes out November 13th cause that game looks amazing as a sequel to black ops.

  3. the cod franchise is on of the easiest FPS franchises out there. The only thing you need is a controller. If you’re a search and destroy player, i do recommend getting a mic to communicate with players. Get a cheap one though, nothing fancy. Thats pretty much it

  4. You dont sound idiotic its complicated. U need the Call of Duty Black Ops disc. A controller wired or wireless. A head set if you want to talk to people on Multiplayer which i do. U need the power cables the Av cables thast u plug into the Tv. Thats all i can think of. In my Opinon Black Ops zombies cool Multiplayer sucks Mw3 is my fav its easy to get kills with practice but your decision.

  5. You have everything already except if you are missing a headset to communicate with your friends or a controller or TV with internet connection with a wireless router plugged into the xbox. If you have those, good.

    I’m guessing what they mean by you need “more stuff” is saying you need more guns/perks/etc. These will come to you as thr game goes on just play a good amount and you will get them

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