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7 DAYS TO DIE – Where Are XB1/PS4 Console Updates – Game News


GAME NEWS my thoughts on why there hasnt been any significant 7 days to die content added to xbox one or ps4 even though pc has loads of new stuff CHECK MY DISCORD
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7 DAYS TO DIE - Where Are XB1/PS4 Console Updates - Game News


  1. I want a lot of brand new content I've been playing this game since it came out since day one me and my friend Ben love it we both wood love to see new content the game is one of the funnest I've ever played in my life and it's got more potential than Minecraft ever had keep updating it keep working on it and seriously give this game the love it deserves

  2. the game was pre maturely distributed to the console's commuinty, and its very fun, and not a bad game for 2.2 GB. all I ask is to have power and Id be happy lol. but no it is quite unfair to those of us with ps4's and xb1's. how could we get something like this noticed, because the game has so much potential, yet it lacks to get the qualifying attention to make this game practically the same as PC. okay peeps let me know when that new update comes out

    p.s. on ps4 "RED DREAD" is the gamer tag msg me and we could game. later zombie slayers

  3. every single one of you have been proved wrong as of today. stop passing the salt and enjoy the main course

  4. I do really hate that consoles havnt gotten all the content that it should by now. but if they are working on bug fixes they need to figure out why the game crashs all the time about once every hour of playing solo offline my game will just crash half the time of I build in a pre-generated structure it will delete everything I have done and restore the structure to its original state upon reloading into the game. not to mention the extreme fps drop off during horde night or when entering a city. I have to run the game on the lowest zombie spawn setting and difficulty in order to get any kind of performance out of the game. nevermind the online play not working at all.

  5. If anybody wants to play with me my Gamertag: StickCody333

    Require: Mic
    Xbox One
    Good player

  6. I have stopped playing 7 days to die although I love the game it's just that nothing's been added at all! Maybe a few things but the game it's self is boring now on Xbox the developers should add traders and NPCs to the consoles and new content before they loose more gamers.

  7. Let's be honest.. Sony and MC are the real bad guys here. They love their rules and policies…

  8. played local with my brother post update on PS4 on update 9 and fell through the world 27 times on random gen.

  9. I like it but it's hard to keep interest. PC players have way more content and options. The console version feels like a demo and the multiplayer aspect is a shadow of the PC version. Don't buy this game on console.

  10. i would like to have new content and zombies because the same thing over and over ia getting stale, if they start new content realeses i would highly apprecaite it

  11. Can we say Money Grab. They brought this out for console to feed cash into the company. They're main concern is the PC version of the game as you can tell from all the Version 16 updates that they post on YouTube. They throw the console users the odd patch fix and maybe a new feature "maybe". I have heard their excuses about how hard it is to get something to console about how they have to run through so may hoops to get something to us. But I feel this is a half truth. If they really wanted to they could get it done. 'The other excuse and this one is absolutely ridiculous is that the consoles could not handle some of the features in the game. WHAT! Really! Ok this game is fun and I do enjoy playing it but come on really, my PS4 or Xbox One can't handle your graphics. That's funny because it runs perfectly with The Witcher and Fallout and the beautiful Horizon Zero Dawn but it can't handle combining like items at the workbench to make a better one or collecting loot off various stages of zombie decomposition after I kill them or an extra POI. Really. I'm telling you right now if we didn't complain about it we would not get anything.

  12. multiplayer is my issue. I purchased the game for a substitute for DayZ, as my pc died and i still have an xb1, but didn't realise that its only 4 players. that really bugged me considering theres achievements for killing like 500 other players. near impossible with only 4 players hiding, if 4 even make it to a game together lol. unless you cheat by doing it repeatedly with a friend kind of bs giving us achievements to get without giving us the tools to get them.

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