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Zombi Review


  1. This game is actually incredible. You're always on edge because you don't want to die. It reminds me of Dark Souls a bit because you'd give anything to find that next save point. Everyone should play this even if the game mechanics aren't that great.

  2. only worth playing on the wii u
    it worked because of the gamepad.
    the ports were not needed.

  3. Tell me your survivors' names! Mine is;

    Elliot RICHARDS – Gardener, Mike THOMAS – Driver, Aiden JAMES – Shopkeeper, Skye BAKER – Doctor, John QUINN – Chief Deputy,Lola RICHARDSON – Supervisor,Zachary HILL – Bobby ( Policeman ) and last but not the least; Mary BELL – Teacher.

  4. At one time Sony gave us this game for free then later on becomes under $10 for both Xbox one & PS4 but the console that it was first released on Wii U still has this game at $30 wtf

  5. People that watch these reviews and make there up mind after hearing the final score before the conclusion are down right exhausting.

  6. I actually loved this game until I had to restart because of a game breaking glitch

  7. Thats is not fair how come zombiu has a even worst rating then zombi even though their almost ALMOST THE SAME

  8. I'm glad that twins' owners have the chance to play this amazing game but at the same time feel very sorry for them, because they are missing out on amazing gamepad nerve-wrecking experience on WiiU and fantastic, very addictive 'capture the flag' multiplayer.

  9. the combat suits the game perfectly . the whole point is you can only safetly take on one zombie at a time. you are a normal random civilian with no weapons training. I have not played this version but own the wiiu one, it is really worth buying this.

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