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Xbox One Streaming to Oculus Rift


Xbox One Streaming to Oculus Rift

Testing With Halo 5 | Xbox One Streaming | Oculus Rift

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  1. How does the party chat work through the oculus? I would assume that the microphone inbuilt would work but i have not had any luck chatting in a party.

  2. I have to say it not quite psvr I'm sorry my brothers but I've tried both and psvr is better 🙁

  3. I'm trying to get this too work but on my oculus it keeps telling me to bring up the xbox one app to the front, which I did but that screen never goes away. It's streaming to my pc but not too my rift

  4. Perfect
    Thanks Xbox
    I have waited for this so much time
    P.S. Will be exclusive games that will be just with oculus rift?

  5. i think you guys are missing the point. its there so its an option. wouldnt you rather have this than a non compatible message? and as someone who watches netflix with the samsung gear vr regularly and enjoys the hell out of it, i could see the value in this. the screen size can be like having a 90 inch tv. whether the quality of game will be good or not is.. skeptical. i mean its a lot cheaper but the gear still drifts to the left or right, slowly. could only imagine how annoying thatd be in a game haha

  6. So… how do you Xbox Party Chat? I could hear my friends, but they couldn't here me.

  7. You said: "a pointless option to stream to PC only to stream to a headset". That's two streamings when it's only one. And Microsoft constantly improve their apps and could easily add the things I suggest in the future.

  8. help. why do I need a top spec laptop to stream my Xbox one to my oculus. if so WHY ? my Xbox one is handling all the graphics and my laptop just using Windows 10 to stream .???

  9. Hi!! Sorry to ask you this, but, what are the things that oculus install from the Windows store? When i click on start streaming the oculus say i need to log in and to check my connection but i have already done that

  10. This is pretty cool, but a bit "pointless". I have a TV for this. 😉 Future generations of xbox must have real VR. I sure hope so. Oculus did not give Microsoft much here… Not the best deal in my opinion. Now i know how it looks. thnx

  11. A first step in the right direction for Xbox.
    I hope they implement full VR gaming in the future.
    Great video.

  12. All these toys…. are you in a famous band or summat? 😉 I had to sell my PS4 and Xbox One just to be able to afford my Oculus setup!

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