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Xbox One Sales Pass the 1 Million Mark in the UK – IGN News


The PS4 hit the milestone back in September, though Microsoft’s console has apparently outsold its rival in the last three weeks.

Xbox One Sales Pass the 1 Million Mark in the UK - IGN News

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  1. I think that the Xbox one will win in sales one day because Microsoft care about there fans and they deliver monthly updates and all they shown at e3 were games and the Xbox has better and more Unique tiles coming to there console so Sony fans don't dare stand against the almighty Xbox one master race because all I've seen from Sony is TV. TV this and TV that, don't watch videos that are about Xbox because all you do is troll, consoles are not about tech but having fun.

  2. What is up with Xbox One selling more in UK? Everytime I hear sales news about the Xbox One it says it sells "this many units" etc in UK. Why UK? Why not US? Its strange considering that's Microsoft's home country it should be higher there, yet PS4 is dominating the sales in US which is shocking! And Xbox One selling decently in UK is weird as most of the features Xbox One has too I heard it doesn't work around UK or EU so how is this console a selling point in the UK? I'm confused.

  3. I own both systems, and i hate when people say the PS4 looks better because it doesn't. I do play on a big HD TV and i barely see any difference what so ever, and most of the people here have no experience with the other consoles they just talk shit to sound smart. Plus the PS4 has no games, but i still appreciate the console.

  4. Why are people complaining about the Xbox One selling for too low of a price?

  5. selling one million units may not seems like a lot but in UK they don't buy as much as American when it comes to video game consoles or Ipads,iphones,android phones,Wii etc.. Xbox1 is still behind but its catching up that means UK gamers have competition when it comes to what to buy this holiday season. This is good new for MS,Sony,The Uk etc.. because that means gamers are spending money on big ticket items like video game consoles and video games. 

  6. 1 million is hardly a big deal infact it's terrible considering there is a little over 64 million people in the uk and research puts the amount of gamers in the uk at 33 million, so out of 33 million only 1 million is playing xbox lol

  7. The games industry is a multi billion dollar industry and growing every year nothing wrong with being in 2nd or even 3rd place in the console market the retarded fanboys that say microsoft or sony and even nintendo are going to "lose" and go out of business are the only real losers.

  8. xbox is a good buy for now with these price cuts and despite what sony fan boys tell you xbox can play every game sony can thats not an exclusive of course might not be as high as a resolution or frame rate but you'll still get to play the same 3rd party games. The only real problem will be at the end of ps4 and xboxones life cycle when games really push the hard ware 6-7 years from now xbox using the inferior and already soon to be obsolete ddr3 memory wont be able to handle the same games anymore. but by then microsoft and sony would probably release new consoles and you wont have to worry about that problem.

  9. I live in the UK, and there are Xbox's everywhere, tonnes of marketing, boxes on shelves so on and so forth. In fact, it looks like there's TOO many boxes on shelves…

    What I want to know is whether this is just another shipped value, or whether this is the actual amount of consoles in consumers possession. Knowing M$ trend of deceiving people into thinking their product is selling well, when in fact it isn't, I'm going to pledge my bets that they simply have shipped more.

  10. @RedGamingTech,

    What were the 2 PS4 Exclusives in the top 50 & their positions?
    What were the 7 XBOX ONE Exclusives in the top 50 & their positions?

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