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Xbox One March Update Walkthrough


Xbox One March Update Walkthrough


  1. hi people im looking for a person to game share with , my kik is alexcart77 and i have gta v, gears of war ut, evolve, rocket league, and ryse son of rome. what i just want is someone who always have xbox live gold . i also want call of duty infinite warfare and overwatch but mainly i want xbox live gold that would never end thnx

  2. re add snap or atleast let us have a desision to have snap and you got rid of twich wich is verey important for some streamers

  3. 1)is there Still this TV snap on Feature with (HDMI in) or is it now removed by the new Update?
    2) is this Update only for Xbox one S or also for the normal Xbox one?

  4. um I don't mind the update but I cant access my dvr. I go to manage dvr and it loads for the rest of eternity

  5. Bring MW2 & MW3 back !!!! Because Xbox doesn't really have any exclusives . You can pretty much say backwards compatible games are exclusives like Bo1 and bo2. All it needs is the MWs !!

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