Home Videos Xbox One Launch: It’s a Wrap!

Xbox One Launch: It’s a Wrap!


Xbox One Launch: It's a Wrap!

Join the battle June 2nd, exclusively on Xbox One!

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The Culling - Xbox One Release Date Trailer


  1. hello Microsoft I saw the video and would like to have a factory model of x box one for free thank you.

  2. I'll most likely be in my twenties by the time the next generation hits (I just turned 16 last month.) I want to be at a console launch like this soooo badly looks like a lot of fun!

  3. I am getting xbox one I didn't get mine on launch cause I wanted to wait for it to get cheaper

  4. this game could've been so much more but the devs and hard headed and give absolutely no fucks about what there community wants or has to say.

  5. About damn time a console got one of these games. Cant beleive it took this long for a BR game to make it to console. That's money on the table.

  6. Yuh now all we need is battlegrounds and day-Z witch is unlikely day-z will come but we can hope !!

  7. Too bad the devs fucked the PC version really bad and never listened to the community until they'd all left for other BR games.

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