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Xbox live new dashboard update @ Updating Netflix Notification?


Today when I got on Xbox Live I had to download A new update and after I did about 10-15 seconds after I was online I got A notification saying “Updating Netflix” then A 75MB file was sent to my active downloads and was downloaded I don’t even have A Netflix subscription and I don’t think I had Netflix downloaded at the time (I don’t remember because I downloaded it once and don’t remember if I deleted it or not) I’m just wondering why did this happen to me is it suppose to happen and did it happen to anyone else? Any help will be greatly appreciated thanks.

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  1. The Netflix app will update itself if already so installed. So since you say you don’t remember if you deleted it, it is safe to say it WAS installed.

    The old netflix app won’t work with the new dashboard, that’s why it has to update when you update your Xbox 360 dashboard.

  2. nothing happened to me today. a few days back i had to update but it was only about the XBL and nothing else

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