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xbox internet connection?


what happens if all i do is connect my xbox to my computer, (not pay for live) what things do i get?

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  1. Well, then its mostly the basics. Your xbox is just kind of connected to the internet, you can have a silver membership, which is free. You’ll be able to watch videos, download free game demos and some arcade games. That’s about it. You should get xbox live though, its lots of fun with online mulitplayer gaming, xbox live parties, voice chatting and thngs. I mean your first month is free, when you sign up, just scroll down to I don’t have a live card and you have one month free. When that runs out then you can decided if you want to renew or not. :3

  2. You’ll get exactly what you already have (nothing).

    You can connect your xbox to a tunneling network such as xbconnect and gamespy and play online on a non-live service.

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