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xbox game i cant remember?


theres this xbox game i really like where you are in a car and you drive around a city crashing into things to get points. at the end of the game it would give you either a silver, bronze, or gold medal and no it is not burnout or grandtheft auto
its not crazy taxi but thats a fun game no ur using racecars and you can only destroy cars and stuff

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  1. It sounds familiar, were there any other modes or was it just the crash one?

    I think Friendly 4’s right: I never played Full Auto but it sounds and looks like the game your after, and it sounds a lot like Split Second. Even if its not, you should play it if destroying things while racing if something you enjoy

  2. sounds like “FULL AUTO”!

    [url is not allowed].

    here is a

    you tube vidoe of the game:

    [url is not allowed].

    could be “Split Second” as well

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