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Xbox disk tray will not open. Anybody have any advice on what to do?



  1. Here’s a link. You have to determine what kind of drive you have and then follow the steps.

  2. this started happend to my 360. it isnt a major problem.

    with your finger just push on the closed tray, its should pop out.

    when it is out, give it a wipe with a dry cloth. to make sure it isnt a build up off dust ect that is causing it.

    there is no way to fix it yourself if cleaning around the edges doesnt work. so be prepared to press in the closed tray for it to open.

    do not try open your xbox! youre warrenty will be gone. so if it concks out at a later date and you ring microsoft and when they collected and see it has been opened they will not repaire it.

    so to recap.

    when it gets stuck, press on the closed tray with your finger.

    clean the tray, around the sides with a dry cloth.

    dust the area around your xbox every week or second week.

  3. On the front of your xbox (not 360).look just to the right of where the word “XBOX” is in the raised silver letters.u will notice there is a small hole.take a paper clip (unwind it.had someone who did not think of unwinding so now i say that everytime).stick it in that hole and push.this will pop ur disk tray open.once open kinda wipe down the sides and stuff to get rid of dust.hope that helps

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