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Xbox 360 won’t recognize hard drive, help?


So I recently bought an xbox 360 slim from a friend and got ripped off, there was no hard drive. I bought a new one from GameStop but the issue is after inserting it doesn’t show up in storage’s when i turn on my console. Google has failed to assist me. I know it’s not the hard drive, how do I resolve this?

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  1. Well, I’d say its probably the Xbox you got “ripped off” on. But, if all else fails, I’d try unplugging your console and inserting the HDD and restarting the Xbox again. If you need to get a tad more technical, go to the settings and find storage, then go to the new HDD (if recognized hopefully) and format it. Then it will have a better chance of showing up when you go to save items like saved games 🙂

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