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Xbox 360 Longplay [045] Otomedius Excellent


Xbox 360 Longplay [045] Otomedius Excellent


  1. Konami is this the way you respond to our petitions for a Gradius VI? why not making a gradius VI instead this waste of opportunity, resources and time? Just make gradius VI, do a kickstarter if you don't have the money…just try and lest see how fans would support the idea (see inafune kickstarter idea). I would pay $100+ for a Gradius VI PS4 especial edition physical bluray.Konami never listen fans…I am sure the plan is go a make cheap cards android and ios games. Casual gamers are economically attractive but they are not followers like real gamers from the 90,s. Create a good balanced Gradius VI. Hopefully someone from Konami reads this. Again…Try kickstarter, I don't see anything to lose, no $$ goal no game..just try!!

  2. 2 things Can I have a copy of this game and the other
    J Davis this was technically gradius 6

  3. this is… sick. only in japan… gonna go drink till i forget what otaku obsession for T&A did to gradius.

  4. It's a shooting game that uses an anime opening.
    Y'know, like how BlazBlue is a fighting game that uses an anime opening.
    Is this still so unusual? Like, Cliff Hanger used a similar concept ages ago.

  5. Okay… am I the only one in any way concerned that the team doesn't even TRY to fight Dark Force and decides that the ONLY way to beat her is to essentially murder her while she's a helpless baby? Doesn't speak very well for their fighting spirit, or their supposed moral high ground, for that matter.
    If there ever is another Otomedius, I hope it addresses this somehow. No, really.

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