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xbox 360 live problem?


i just got an xbox 360 and xbox live and everytime my friend tries to invite me too play a game with him i accept but i always have to leave it says my connection is bad is there a way to fix my connection? i can’t even invite him the invite friend thing is grey

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  1. Check the DMZ setting on your router it may be referred to as the NAT

    (Network Address Translation). Place the Xbox outside the firewall by entering the IP address assigned to the Xbox by your router:

    The DMZ feature allows you to specify one computer on your network to be placed outside of the NAT firewall. This may be necessary if the NAT feature is causing problems with an application such as a game or video conferencing application. The computer in the DMZ is not protected from hacker attacks. To put a computer in the DMZ, enter the last digits of the Xbox IP address. See below example, the y’s are the xboxs IP address.

    Static IP Private IP Enable

    1. xx.xx.xx.xxx yyy.yyy.y.y

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