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xbox 360 harddrive question.?


i bought an xbox 360 slim 2 days ago the 4gb i havnt had a 360 ever since it came out. anyways you know how you set up your xbox in the begging like live. , the weird character thingy in the begging (for slim only i think) , and the settings. well i want to upgrade to 250gb just buying the harddrive and then replacing the 4gb harddrive with the 250gb. but i was wondering will my live still be their and playable or will i have to like transfer all my data from the 4gb to the 250 just to play live?

PS- i only care about live because right now im only playing random games like halo 3 , fable 2, etc. i only will delete the saved games but i want to be able to play xbox live. so does it matter if i transfer data or not i really dont care about my saved games or nothing. oh and also does it affect my achievments and what not or will i have to transfer that as well?

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  1. The 4gb memory will always be on your console since it is internal, if you upgrade to a 250gb the profile you made will still be there so will the achievements and gamesaves so you can still use it with Live and any download content can saved to the 250gb hard drive

    There is no need to transfer anything and is recommended to keep the profile on the internal memory since hard drives don’t last forever

  2. I think you’ll have to transfer the data over, I’ve never dealt with the 4GB system but if its anything like the others thats what you’ve always had to do when it came to upgrading the drive.

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