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Xbox 360 elite not outputing through HDMI?


I have my new 360 hooked up with hdmi but it says no signal on the tv.I know there is nothing wrong with the tv as it worked fine with my ps3 and i have tried two different hdmi cables.

it worked fine at first (for about a week) then last night the audio began cutting out now it doesnt work at all.

any suggestions other then taking it back to the store,i have already returned two other 360’s the first one had rrod out of the box and the second wouldnt read discs.

would this be covered under warranty?

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  1. im not sure but i dont think this is covered by the warranty. Buy a gold plated hdmi cable or a top of the range one. It could just be the othere hdmi cables werent getting a good connection. If it is the xbox, then read the warrenty but i dont think that is covered in it.

  2. You should not have to buy a new HDMI cable as even cheap ones should work, and the fact you have tried two cables leads me to believe the xbox is at fault. Surely this must be covered by the warranty! The equipment you have been supplied is defective and it is the stores responsibility to provide you with the goods or service you have paid for. Well thats how it works in the UK anyway!

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