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Xbox 360. Am i banned?


hi. yesterday im bought xbox 360 (made 2008-08-12). I still don’t have ANY storage device, so i cant create profile. I wanted to know am i banned so i tried to make xbox live test. It worked but when its started loading final phase (connecting to xbox live) its offers me an update. of course i dont accepted it, cause im afraid of ban. My xbox is modified and have ixtreme 1.6. the question is Am i banned?

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  1. You will be banned if you accept the update. If you deny the update, you can’t connect to Live anyway so you’re kind of stuck.

  2. The update will not ban you,im running ixtream LT and have taking every update there is,and all is fine.

    you cant get banned with ixtream LT

  3. yes u may be if you have illigel copys of games on there u may be out of lucky. just delete them and it should work.

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