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Xbox 360 2 red lights! What to do?!?


My 360 has two red blinking lights, Many say its overheating but it can’t be. I havent used it and when I turn it on Bam! 2 red lights straight away. Instantly 2 red lights wont let me do a thing.

Any ideas?

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  1. The Red ring means that their is a fatal error with in the system

    most of the tiem is overheating, but other times, it just could be that something broke

    just send it back to mirosoft and you will be fine

  2. if it shows red right away, it could mean that the AV Cables are incorrect. make sure that you don’t have the HD AV cables in,

  3. Had the same problem i called Microsoft.and they helped me fixed it. Look on the back of ur 360 and make sure to plug in all the cables correctly and tightly.also dont keep taking the wires out of the xbox (cables).thats probably how u got it. its ez to fix just look on the back and see if the wires are tightly in. and if thats not the problem.it may be the red ring of death send it to microsoft. then

  4. I just found a guide to fix it yourself. If you have some know how, it’ll be easy for you to do too. I don’t know too much about electronics but this guide explained it to me step by step.

    Its definitely more worth it then buying a new one or dealing with warranty programs. Mine is working 100% now! I thought I would have to go without it for more than a few days. cant have that!

    [url is not allowed]

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