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WWE 2K16 My Career – How to have unlimited reversals and win any match easy


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WWE 2K16 My Career - How to have unlimited reversals and win any match easy


  1. i found out if you make evey thing on cpu all one with the smalest amount in all bars you take no damage if they reverse your moves they only deal damage if you fale to reverse there attacks

  2. WWE 2K16 Carrer in on sentence.
    Everyone gets 5 reversal bars and thats right you guessed it!!! You get one!!!

  3. wtf that's cheap you pansy. thought u were talking about an actual way to face under #3 superstars, to get infinte reversals like the CPU. this is the cheap way out.

  4. Go to MyCareer, Then click Character and at the bottom go to options to change the difficulty n

  5. I put the difficult on east and accepted it and when I go into a game and check it still showed normal

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