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Would you buy a dvd player or a game type player like playstation or x box to.?


play blue ray dvds? My boyfriend says that they are about the same price either way you go i think he is just making that up so he can buy the gameing station. What do you think is better?

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  1. DVD players are cheap. like you could get one for under $100. But DVD players that come with surround sound system costs from $300 up. Blu-ray players on the other hand starts at $300 for players alone (no speakers). for an extra $100, you could get a PS3 (80GB) that plays any (as in original or burned) CDs, DVDs and blu-ray discs. Plus you could surf the internet, email, play MP3s, view photos and anything you want to do. And by way, those features are on top of just being a game console and having full HD capability.

  2. Well only the ps3 can play blu-rays, the xbox 360 cannot, and another blu-ray player of the same quality will run you a good $300-$400 so it is pretty much the same price as a ps3, but personally i would get the ps3, being called the most future proof blu-ray player for its upgradeable hard drive, internet connection, and regular updates, its great for blu-ray’s, dvd’s, music, photos digital videos, you can even buy or rent HD movies off the playstation store.pretty much an all in one media center, plus you get the benefits of playing the best new games

  3. he is pretty much right.they will be about the same. playstation would probably be a better choice though because it is a two in one kinda thing and it will be well worth your money.

  4. PS3, it’s a great gaming console and it has a Blu-Ray player built in. It also has a DVD Upscaler so it makes DVDs look better. Xbox can only play regular DVDs so it’s a waste of money.

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