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Why does my brand new Xbox 360 keep freezing?


I just recently got the new Star Wars limited edition Xbox 360 about two weeks ago and its froze 4 times on me. It just did it twice last night with in an hour and both times I was on the dashboard just talking to my friends, once just know I didn’t even have it on for 20 minuets and I was just on the dashboard not even playing a game it wasn’t hot at all. The first time it froze I had been playing Minecraft for about 6 hours straight so I can understand that freezing on me but not the other 3 times. I also don’t have it cooped up so it wont over heat. So what is wrong with my Xbox? Is there anything I can do to fix this or should I just return it and get a new one because I’m still on the 30 day warranty?

Thank you

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  1. Here’s the number one problem. Is your xbox on carpet? If so take it off the carpet because carpet makes any system over heat really fast.

    If it’s not on carpet then you got to take it back and get a new one because once your system starts to freeze a lot then you’re getting the red ring of death.

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