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Why do I lose a small portion of my PS3 screen when I connect with HDMI?


Like I said it’s only a small portion. When I connect it via HDMI I lose the outer edges of all my blueray movies as well as my photos. But not my SD videos. However when I connect with the AV MULTI (the cord that comes standard with the ps3 and ps2) I am able to view my entire photo, but I’m still losing my edges of my blueray. I am certain of this, although I only have one blueray player to test it.

I have a 37AV500U Toshiba TV It’s maximum resolution is 720p.

Technology: TFT active matrix

Display format: 720p

Widescreen Widescreen

Widescreen modes TheaterWide,


Color temperature control Yes

I got these specs here

[url is not allowed]

I have the PS3 Model CECH 2501A and the downloadable manual located here

[url is not allowed]

This manual states on page 17 note 1

Copyright-protected Blu-ray video discs can only be output at 1080p using an HDMI cable connected to a device that is compatible with the HDCP (Highband-width

Digital Content Protection) standard.

So I’m guessing that means I cannot view the full picture on blueray with my 720p tv.

This is reasonable for the blueray, but why can I not view my photos. I feel like I’m losing some of my PS3 screen.

I have adjusted my TV in the following ways for every setting I changed in my ps3.

reset it to default settings

went through every picture size, natural, full, theater wide 1,2&3.

I have also tried to set up auto aspect ratio, again for each change in my ps3.

These are the settings I changed on my ps3 with HDMI

I selected the possible resolutions as

480p 4:3, 480p 16:9,720p, and 1080i.

the only one where I was able to view my photo fully with HDMI was 480p 4:3

obviously the picture sucked, but I could see everything.

So I’m wondering what the problem is here. The only thing I can think of is that in order to use HDMI with the ps3 fully I have to have 1080p resolution. This doesn’t make any sense to me, but if that is right I would like to know. Is that what this sounds like to you all?

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  1. 480 and 720 are 2 different screen sizes, one is widescreen and the other one is not. It could also be that your tv might not be able to display 720.

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