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Why Are Videogames Becoming More Popular Than Toys?


Every child needs toys, it’s how they stimulate their minds and learn about how the world works without asking a question. Every parent buys their children toys, and they come in a huge range of different types. There are puzzles, cars, trains, small play sets of people and interactive books which children can play with for hours on end. Whilst many parents would prefer their children to never stare at a screen and continue playing with toys as they grow, this can take a lot of time which a parent may not have, especially if they have another child in the meantime. Children’s programmes on the television have become acceptable, and movies can keep them entertained for the best part of a year, but when they start wanting to use videogames after playing them at a friend’s house or nursery, parents really do need to invest in one.

Videogames have had bad press in the past, with many games being labelled as wastes of time, particularly when people hear about those who never leave their houses and stay inside playing games all day long. However these are only a few extreme examples which have been influenced by a lack of parenting, rather than simply having the opportunity to play on a videogame. Many games companies make games designed to help children develop their skills and their mental abilities through both interactive movement and answering questions. The Wii in particular was a console that many parents were happy to buy, simply because it didn’t involve sitting in the same position for a number of hours.

More involving consoles such as the Xbox 360 with its Kinect interface have brought more parents around to the idea that games consoles aren’t as bad for their children as they thought. The major problem for parents with videogames is the violence they display, which they fear may have an adverse affect on their child’s mental health. Parents can control what their children play and how long they play it, simply by adding certain security settings on the consoles they purchase. In this way, videogames are better than toys, as parents can switch them off and maintain control should a child try to be defiant, but with toys, a child can run away and continue playing, even when told not to.

The toy industry is always trying to keep up with current technology, though most toys can be beaten by a games console. There are still some games which families prefer to play together which involve dice and cards, but even these are being moved onto games consoles or adapted for mobile technology, in order for people to play their board game on the go, making quick moves at work when no one is looking.

Videogames will eventually become more popular than board games and toys, simply because they can be made to feature much more content for children to use. For parents this doesn’t mean spending more money, as updates from games developers mean that games change all the time, and will keep children busy for many long hours.

There are loads of products for babies out there to buy, including [url not allowed], but it’s always important for people to buy what they feel a parent would like best, as Emma Darling has found out from years of experience.

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