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What is a PS2 + HDD worth?


I have a ps2 with hdd and network adapter installed and i am looking to sell it since i have a ps3 that can now play ps2 games like ddr and guitar hero. Btw i have no idea on how to use shipping vendors (ups,fedex) if i were to send it to someone. Any ideas or links? Thanks in advance.

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  1. The only two games that work with that are FFXI and PSO. So, you’ll get about.100 bucks for it. The only other thing you can do with a HDD is save games on it. But last I heard that product was discontinued. So, good deal for hackers or ppl that want to work up on their ‘what’s inside a PS2’ skills. But that’s about it.

    Either way, I’d just go look at Ebay. Type in PS2 HDD and see what the price range is.

  2. Your best bet is ebay. You can browse on ebay for the price that people are paying for the PS2 and HDD. If you do decide to sell it on ebay I recommend using United States Postal Service. They have a flat rate box that your items should fit in. The flat rate is $8.10 no matter how much the package weighs and to anywhere in the United States. Additionally, it comes with free delivery confirmation so you can confirm that the buyer received the item.

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