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What is a good wired xbox 360 controller?


I am sick of having to switch my batteries out every week and disconnecting when I slightly shake my current standard microsoft wireless controller. I want a good wired controller that will last me awhile and cost me no more than $70. At first I wanted the Razer Onza Tournament Edition but I read some reviews and they seem to all say it will break in a couple of months. I’m not willing to spend $100 for a scuf controller so I’m not left with many options that I know of. What are some good inexpensive wired xbox 360 controllers? I would prefer then to have cool features like the Razer Onza but if I have to trade quality over features I would go with the one with better quality.

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  1. I don’t know what your looking for, but GameStop sell wired controllers under $20.00 but I won’t consider quailty

  2. I would recommend getting a charge and play kit.

    It’s 20 dollars,

    you get to keep your controller but comes ith a new battery pack which won’t be falling out. You can also simply use it as a wired controller and just unplug it if you want to.

    If your looking for a wired nice controller,i’d say all the razors are good.

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