Home Xbox Forum what can i get with 200 microsoft points?

what can i get with 200 microsoft points?


hi i have 200 microsoft points what arcade game can i get?

(i don’t want to get theme’s, avatar or items)

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  1. There’s not much you can get with 200 microsoft points. If your lucky there will be a good game 200 or so but its hard to find. Some times even free! If you look at the Game Marketplace, there will be tons of arcades but above the points. But if you scroll up to Indie Games in the Game Marketplace, there’s games for 200 and less. They are no achievements in them though if you want achievements. I’ve play them before and they aren’t much really. You can buy one there though if you like. Otherwise I would wait till you can get more points to get a better game to play with achievements too. The Indies don’t last long.

    But as you said you don’t want theme’s and such, well, you know about those too. I hope this helps.

    Have fun & Game on!!

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