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vga cable for xbox 360?


i have a vga for the 360 and i use it with my 7 year old samsung 20 inch crt pc moniter. What setting should i have it on since my moniter tends to cut off some of the screen at 1920×1080? oh and also what setting should i have it at when i play old xbox games
i can play at the highest setting but it makes some games not look good

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  1. Your 20 inch CRT monitor isn’t widescreen and it can only support 1280×720 for the Xbox 360. You would need a widescreen.CRT.that has high definition like.1920×1080 kind of resolution to play games at 1080i/p on your CRT. If you want to play your Xbox 360 games that can run at 1080p or i on a monitor.you would need to get something like this:

    [url is not allowed]

    But for now you should set your Xbox 360 to output the signal at 720p on your CRT. Its still good like that. OR you can set it to 420p signal and that would disable the “black lines” but would make the quality not that great so stick to 720p 🙂

    BTW: If you don’t want those black lines then you would need a widescreen.lcd or CRT. Your monitor right now has a 4:3 aspect ration while widescreen has 16:9.so that “Gap” is just filled with black.

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