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Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Review


Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Review


  1. So glad i bought a ps4 and just got this game played it for 4 hours its just a masterpiece definately a 10/10 from Naughty dog is now my fav dev ever

  2. Comments here be like: Yo dawg, I heard you complained that this should have been a 10/10, so Im going to complain about you complaining. Ps: If this didnt get a 10/10 almost no game should. If they want to be like IMDB at least be fair.

  3. So do you think I should play this game even though I haven't played any of the other uncharted games?

  4. Just played it for the first time – one of the BEST games I've EVER played
    Looks can only described as magnificent, detailed story and fun, fluid and interesting gameplay
    I really like the whole pirate theme with the riddles and ancient traps and stories
    Awesome game – props to Naughty Dog

  5. How Rise of the Tomb Raider is better than this? IGN scores gives Tomb Raider winner! I like both games, but Uncharted story it's definetly winner for me!

  6. This is a prime example of IGN not to be trusted after playing every game that has come out since Uncharted 4 This reviewer should be fired Uncharted 4 is the best game I have ever played she is ridiculous and IGN should be embarrassed Never trust IGN

  7. After beating the game I have to say that this review is some bullshit. The third act is one of the best ones. It wraps up the story of these characters perfectly and lets you interact with them on a deep level one last time. It's the most beautiful part of the game.

  8. I have never played the Uncharted series but I could tell this review was bullshit when she said "lack of imagination" because everything she showed in the video clips looked so visually good and game creative.

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