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Top 20 NEW FPS Games of 2017


Top 20 NEW FPS Games of 2017

15 EPIC Upcoming FIRST PERSON SHOOTERS in 2017 (NEW Upcoming FPS Games - PS4 Xbox One PC)


  1. all these shitty games and the best of them it at place 19 😀 just ended wawe 7 beta test and I can tell u there is gonna be nothing to compete with it in 2017!!! if u like realism, teamwork and ofc the smell of napalm in the morning I absolutely recommend rising storm 2: vietnam …

  2. Lawbreakers is the only one that looks good. (Edit) It actually is really fucking good

  3. So Prey and maybe Lawbrakers?… none of these are epic. Game industry getting lazy/greedy.

  4. The bad ones are on XBOX and PS4 and the good ones are on PC? Seriously? Star citizen should not be a PC game, it looks like a consol game.

  5. 2017.
    Photo realistic graphics.
    Health bars.
    Bullets fly from face.
    No physics.
    Thats some progress here!

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