Home Videos The End Is Near. GameStop Is Closing Approx. 225 Stores Worldwide

The End Is Near. GameStop Is Closing Approx. 225 Stores Worldwide


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The End Is Near. GameStop Is Closing Approx. 225 Stores Worldwide


  1. Digital is convenient, however you have to rely on that email account associated with the PSN/XBL ect and things happen. Also you have to go through both the download and installation. And the size of current games, ha.

  2. physical copies are nice, but I rather not have to get up every time to switch the disk when I can just go into my game section and pick out what ever games I want to play.

  3. Good i hope gamestop kicks the fucking bucket. Theyll never understand that when you take care of the customer and the employee your business will naturally flourish anyway. Instead of forcing people to push shit and threatening them if they dont do otherwise. Fuck gamestop i use to love going there, but now i just buy my shit online.

  4. I've been to some of the GameStops that are closing, great people work at these places, they get the customer. I hope they find a job ASAP.

  5. am i the only 1 who kinda stopped listening to him and paying more attention to the game he's playing

  6. A few years ago I tried to sell my 3DS and games so that I could invest more into PC gaming.. I promised my dad that I would sell it by Sunday. it was Saturday night. I walked in the GameStop at showed them everything I had the best that they can give me with 60 bucks. A great condition 3DS with 20 games. Problem is since I promised my dad I couldn't turn back. To this day I regret this! F$#& you gamestop!

  7. I love Gamestop, they are the best place for anything games. I got Skyrim for 3 dollars there. Best deal ever.

  8. As a collector I prefer physical copies Gamestop for me is finding sale prices and hard to find I can order from amazon eBay play Asia also limited run

  9. I work for Spring Mobile, an AT&T Authorized retailer, who is owned by GameStop. Thankfully they don't get their hands in our business… but GameStop is heading in another direction. They also own Simply Mac. GameStop technologies they call us. I wouldn't be surprised if they start to move their cash elsewhere. The game market isn't like it used to be. not nearly as profitable. A manager told me they make most of their money selling the collectibles and action figures. I miss it when it was just about the games…..

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