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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Game Review


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Game Review


  1. hi! I want to buy a spider man game for my ps3 and i don't know what to get..First one or second? i saw in TASM 1 the graphics looks more realistic and the story seems nice,but TASM 2 is more new,more updated and more things to do…Which i should chose?

  2. Wow….this guy is more boring then the game….but I love the game the game is really fun

  3. Hell, the web slinging was still shit. And half the time, (in central park) the webs still stick to air. And it's all animation based. No momentum at all.

  4. I started playing it I was liking it put after awhile the game became annoying with Spider-Mans jokes and the bad guys take way to long to defeat and I here too many of the same lines at first I gave the game a 8/10 now it's a 5.5/10

  5. i actually liked this game for the stealth mode approach, the spider sense and the web rush/swinging, the combat was nice too.. it could be better but it used the spider sense in a new better way, i mean not the best game yet but has many characteristics to be one… they should have taken their time and delivered a beautiful game with better graphics and story… i just hope the new game will improve all these things and that they do not rush it to be out with the movie

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