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Sniper Elite III: Unlimited XP


  1. In Halfaya Pass there are 3 trucks close together right near the beginning (before you get to "Explore mountain settlements objective") with a driver in 1 and a grunt nearby.
     Tag all 3 trucks and both grunts. Plant dynamite near the driver and ignite with flint & steel.
    Retreat a safe distance and save with 1 or 2 secs left on timer. When it blows, you get 190xp (90% more than this method). It's quicker to reload and it's impossible to miss the troop truck.
    There are several locations with 2 or 3 trucks close together that can be taken out with grenade, dynamite or shooting a land mine for 100 or 150xp.

    All of these are far more efficient for getting xp quickly. I used it to get the reticle I wanted 🙂

  2. I have a really good method.

    Go to the airfield mission on any difficulty.
    Get to the part where you need to go to the sniper nest and protect the truck.
    Save once you get to the sniper nest
    Kill all the enemies
    When the truck drives away reload the save and do it again.
    Its gives a lot of exp

  3. DeathMule – thanks so much for your videos. your awesome in explaining every step in text and video form. Your the greatest and hope your channel explodes in subs! cheers!

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