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Should You Play – One Piece: Burning Blood (PS4)


Should You Play - One Piece: Burning Blood (PS4)


  1. It seems really messy. I don't like all those lines and Japanese signs and stuff on my screen.

  2. Very good review! Thank you for going into the details of the mechanics of the game! It's on sale on the psn store at the moment and might buy it.

  3. I was hyped about this game and bought it when it came out i only played it once then let it sit for 2 months til I played it again I just didn't enjoy it the controls are confusing and frustrating im a one piece fan but I just can't get into this game now im tempted to sell it

  4. @Havian
    This was nice. I like it! But I also miss your old way of doing SYP! Maybe you could like somehow merge the two.

  5. I'm enjoying my time with this game, but I had more fun with One Piece Pirate Warriors 3.

  6. Hey Havian OR Anyone , might you know how many difficulty settings in free battle the game has ? Grtz

  7. hmmm not a big one piece fan. but i do like anime fighters so might as well give this game a shot.

  8. always wonder how this game would look like if it was made by the company that made Naruto storm 4

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