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Should i get, the ps3 or wii?


I want both for my birthday but I got to choose only one. Please help me!

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    i have a wii and i am thinking about selling it because the games are designed for little kids, you can beat them in less than an hour and after you beat them there is nothing fun to do. then youve spent over $400 on games and the wii when you could be playing your awesome ps3.

    Ps3 has better graphics, better games, and is an all around better system.

    Definitely go with the ps3 and dont waste your money on the wii

  2. You’ll be better off with a PS3. My younger brother has both but he uses the PS3 more than the Wii. The Wii is a very crappy system made for “family fun” and for little kids, and the system is not too much more powerful than then PS2. It obviously has much better graphics and has higher quality games, rather than those stupid Wii mini games that they keep advertising on TV. Plus many of the games out on the PS3 have updates that are released every once in a while, whereas the Wii just has poorly made games targeting a little kid audience. But the choice is still yours.

  3. I own both systems and enjoy them both but I spend much more time on the PS3 due to the fact it’s online play is better, graphics are better and the controller is better. PS3 has much more games and Wii lacks so many features PS3 has such as playing music, video, game demos and voice chat.

    PS3 is better in every aspect. I play my PS3 for about an hour a day and Wii maybe an hour a week.

  4. I personaly would choose the PS3 but the Wii isnt bad, every time i play the Wii at my cousins house i love it – its amazing. If you like onine gaming and action and adventure games in HD then go for the PS3, if you like fun games to play with family / friends then go for the Wii, but their is a huge collection of PS3 games and the Wii only has certain games that are good.

  5. Get the ps3, your friend will think your cooler. Its much more sophisticated and you when your neighbours spy on you , you wont be looking like a fool waving your arms all over the place. The ps3 has more features then a wii too! So get a ps3.

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