Home Playstation Forum Should I get PSN (Playstation Network) for my PS3?

Should I get PSN (Playstation Network) for my PS3?


What are the benefits?

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  1. Yes

    Free Online Service



    Voice Chat (if you have a mic)

    Make Friends

    Video Chat (if you have a camera)

    Multiplayer Online <-- Biggest Reason

  2. There’s no reason not to get an account for PSN. The PS3 can do a lot offline, but it can also do a lot of other things online that you can only do online. You can play/talk to people all over the world, use multiplayer features online, get friends you can play with, have access to other features only available and exclusive to PSN, and be able to enjoy your PS3 to it’s fullest. Best of all: the online features are FREE. So play as much as you damn well please online (just follow the Terms of Service so your account doesn’t get suspended or banned alright. The online community doesn’t tend to like douchebags, and if you find a douchebag, you team up on said douchebag and call them out for being a douchebag and troll, or simply team up with other players to make said douchebag rage quit lol).

    When you make one, make sure to create a GOOD Online ID, because once you make it, you CANNOT change it. If you follow the rules this guy said, you should be all good:

    [url is not allowed].

    If you need any help, ask another question, or email me by clicking on my Avatar (my pic on the left side there < --). Hope that helps.

  3. its free, do you mean playstation plus? Or did you mean to ask whether or not you should hook your ps3 up to the internet? Using PSN , you can download free game demo’s, download add-ons to existing games, and get movies and other applications, yes you should get it.

    Playstation Plus is an additional service that you pay for.

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