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Review: Last Rebellion – PS3 –


Review:  Last Rebellion - PS3 -


  1. The thing that stuck out when I played it was the OST. Walking around a field shouldn't feel like there's no music.

  2. I want to play Last Rebellion now. Reason: everything wrong with it. Respawning, no towns … sounds like my kind of game … maybe I just like crappy games.

  3. Well regardless of this one I am still looking forward to the other ones and I hope you keep up the good work.

  4. Well if you do not like the game that is your opinion and I am fine with that, it is just that I do not felt it was expressed properly. Like you say you dislike Nine's character yet when you explain his backstory it makes him sound rather interesting. Same thing with the battle mechanics. You said you didn't like them but the way you described them made them sound rather deep and intricate. I will say though that I mainly found it "unpleasant" only because I was already in a bad mood at the time

  5. glad you enjoyed the review. I do in fact have disgaea D2 and I would like to review it as well. cross edge I do not own but I would like to get a copy of the game.

  6. sorry that this review you did not like. this game is just not good. the reason the review was the way it was is because I reviewed it before. I just had to be honest. this game is not good. IMO its one of the worst released JRPG's this GEN. I stand by that. Do not worry, this was a isolated case in regards to this game. now that this review is out of the way. there are other games I will be reviewing that I do really like so I will be getting around to them soon.

  7. its funny you say that because I am not riding the bandwagon. I really do not like this game. I got all of the trophies and there is nothing honestly good to say about this game in any way. I did not like the game before when I played it back in 2010 and I do not like it today in 2013. its one of those kind of games that I cannot give any credit to. I mention NISA president because they had an obligation to release good games or rather test them. they knew it was bad and they still released it.

  8. I have a weird tendency to enjoy games that a lot of hate, but I'll give this title a fair and honest try. Its unfortunate nis america didn't feel confident about this game, but in essence any jrpg these days is a huge risk especially to gamers. Even if its a less than stellar game at least it is an anime style game that got a north american release, and I'm happy for that.

  9. And honestly thew fact that Nis America actually released that statement has actually made me lose a lot of respect for them. They basically just gave a huge fuck you to any fans this game had. and yes this game has plenty of fans, I have met several people who did enjoy it and it honestly does not look like a bad game to me.

  10. Normally I am a fan of your stuff but not this, I simply found this review very unpleasant to watch.

  11. Okay this review was just bad. First it does not matter what the company has to say about the game. As a reviewer it is your job to stick to your opinion and not ride the coattails of other opinions. Second I cannot think of a single proper criticism you have given in this review. You have stated interesting concepts and have made no arguments against them. If anything you actually made me more interested in playing the game than anything else.

  12. Last Rebellion looks like shit. Thanks for the review Forest, now i know to avoid this game like the plague.

    BTW, do you plan on reviewing Disgaea D2 and Cross Edge??? I know Disgaea is gonna be good regardless, (I actually just picked it up a few minutes ago, and i'll be popping it in soon.) but i wanna get your thoughts on Cross Edge. I just got it in a trade, and am curious as to what you think about it.

  13. I was going to do my own review of this game myself but the creators didnt give a damn to put a good amount of time into making this game so why should put a good amount of time in to review it.

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